CIO UK Summit | TBD 2020 | Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - London, UK



Our Digital Transformation Journey - Why, What and How

Think Tank - 10:50 am - 11:20 am

Its story of our digital transformation and various steps of our journey we went through. This ranged from deploying Agile culture and technologies to developing of cloud first approach and landing into the final tranche of developing a human centred approach to delivery products to end users.


  1. Key elements of driving and achieving the successful digital transformation 
  2. How does building Agile culture impacts the throughput and performance of the teams.
  3. Building the right team and the right culture to re-invent and innovate constantly.
  4. Important considerations when applying Cloud first approach in your organisation
  5. Impact of human centred product development approach in digital transformation

Presented by:

Mohit Talwar, Chief Technology Officer - Digital and Innovation, Hays View details